EMT16 Commercial Embroidery Machine

The Melco EMT16 is built using the most innovative technology in the industry.  Proven results are experienced by thousands of businesses all over the World.


Melco’s patented Acti-Feed™ system revolutionized the embroidery industry many years ago by making embroidery machines easier to learn and use. This unique thread feed system removes tensioning issues all other machines experience while increasing stitch speeds up to 1,500 stitches per minute.  Melco combines that technology with a simplified user interface, so machine operation and training is easier than ever. New machine operators can be trained in as little as 30 minutes.

The Melco EMT 16 Lower Cylindrical Arm is the first of its kind.
This unique feature allows users to embroidery on a wider selection of products including small areas like shirt and bag pockets without pocket removal.  A wider selection of headwear is possible with this advanced feature as well.

Networking and Multi-Head Production

The Melco EMT16 can be networked and configured to meet specific production needs and handle your business's growth.  The Melco EMT16's connectivity makes it ideal for fulfiment production and mass customization.  Combined with Melco's automation solutions the EMT16 is the choice of major retail brands around the world.

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